Constant interaction.
For two generations.

Clear structures, greater flexibility, short decision paths and years of experience

We are a family business with roots in Schermbeck between the Lower Rhine, Ruhr and Münsterland. A place where cutting-edge solutions are forged - for almost every sector of industry throughout Europe.

For more than 40 years we have specialised in supplying turnkey plants for electroplating and non-destructive crack testing. With our help, simple materials are turned into high-quality and durable products. The finest layers of copper, nickel, chrome, zinc, tin, silver or gold protect against corrosion and wear, ensure a refined and sophisticated look and feel, and completely redefine the functions or properties of surfaces.

We support customers from various industries, including the automotive, construction, sanitation, electronics and aviation sectors. Whether for in-house electroplating plants or contract coating plants.

A family spirit has shaped how we work and the long-term commitment to our customers.

Since our father Willi Kroes founded the company in 1978, we the sons - Detlev and Rüdiger - have been actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. As children we planted the first trees on the company grounds and watched as Willi Kroes GmbH grew along with them. In 1999 we took over the management and expanded the planning, production and assembly of turnkey electroplating plants. In 2004 we expanded our offerings to include facilities for non-destructive crack testing.

Long-term customer and employee loyalty is the benchmark and bedrock of our success. Almost all of our employees have been with us for years, with many working their way up from the bottom. Together they personify the commitment and diverse expertise that is so evident at Willi Kroes GmbH. 

Years of working together have laid the foundations of a shared vision. Having every confidence in the constructive experience of our employees, we have done away with rigid hierarchies and lengthy decision processes. Our customers can count on us to find and implement the very best solutions.

These values define how we work together

We keep our promises.

We care about our customers and employees and are open and fair. Our approach is flexible and we offer our customers proactive and effective solutions.

We support our customers and employees.

We promote personal growth and professional development in order to find solutions to our many challenges and expand our knowledge set.

We're always on the ball.

Our corporate responsibility creates scalable products and long-term commitment to both our customers and our employees.