Barrel plants

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Whether dealing with single, double or quadruple barrel units, the functional characteristics of the barrel units assume a particularly important remit during the development of barrel plants. During barrel galvanisation, it is therefore of vital importance that barrel units are utilised whose characteristics fulfil the necessary basic functions such as the saving of resources, ideal layer thickness distribution and the reduction of carryover losses. With knowledge of the processes and the product range of our customers, further criteria such as the selection of the material, the manufacturing process of the barrel units as well as the barrel contacting are important aspects when it comes to ensuring an ideal and economic plant implementation.

In all plant processes, the loading and unloading of the barrel units naturally play a further decisive role in order to fulfil the economic demands placed upon a modern plant. From manually operated facilities to fully automatic barrel opening stations, we are able to guarantee that the demands of our customers are fulfilled.

The plants listed below that are manufactured for diverse processes only represent a small part of our diverse range of services. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any special tasks

  • Degreasing plants
  • Chromating plants
  • Electroless nickel plants
  • Copper plants
  • Nickel plants
  • Phosphating plants
  • Zinc plating plants
  • Gold plating plants
  • Silver plating plants
  • Tin plating plants