Production / Assembly

The production of the plants is carried out in an assembly area measuring approximately 3000 m². With our qualified staff members, the greatest possible - and at the same time flexible - vertical integration is guaranteed in the diverse technical areas such as steel and plastic construction as well as electrical engineering. All of the decisions taken during the development and construction are respectively implemented in accordance with the technical specifications by the in-house production department. The flexibility at this point is characterised by the opportunity to make adjustments and amendments, even during the ongoing production phase. This means that all impacts that are decisive and necessary with regard to high quality and reliable completion can be directly influenced by us.

Within the context of preliminary acceptances, segments of the production phase can be accompanied by our customers at any time. Before any individual components or complete plants produced by us are delivered, they must undergo a comprehensive electromechanical preliminary commissioning. This speeds up the complete assembly and the subsequent overall commissioning carried out by us and at the same time significantly minimises the potential for error.